Update for residents

Update for residents

Monday, March 05, 2012

Residents can go to the Patea Old Folks Hall (operated by Ngati Ruanui Runanga) or Waverley LibraryPlus for information or advice about which agencies you might need help from. Below, there is a list of numbers you might be able to call (you can use the phones at the LibraryPlus centres).

The Ministry of Social Development (Work and Income) is on site at Patea LibraryPlus for the rest of the week to talk to those affected needing help with various issues (including food, tenancy, rehousing etc) and Victim Support is also there. Work and Income will have a mobile unit available from Wednesday.

There is still a lot of loose debris (rubbish), damaged buildings and power lines down across the district.
Treat all loose power lines as live and please stay clear of all damaged buildings


- Showers are available for residents who have no power at the PowerCo Aquatic Centre and TSB Hub in Hawera, or by going to the Waverley LibraryPlus from 9am-4pm.


- The Medical Centre in Patea is now open and seeing patients.


- Please read this information sheet from PowerCo for those residents who are still without power

-Patea township is expected to have power by the end of the day today (6 March)

- Due to the scale of damage, there are areas that will take at least a week to rebuild. Major construction projects are needed in remote areas of Patea, Waverley and Waitotara Valley.

- People should ring Powerco on 0800 272727 if they see dangerous sections of the network. Customers wanting information about power cuts should phone their electricity retailer.

- People who are medically dependent on electricity should contact their health care provider in the first instance.


- All transfer stations in the district will be open for the week and will take greenwaste and rubble (storm material - not normal household waste) free of charge. The access to Patea Transfer Station has now been cleared and is re-opened.
- Three skips have also been placed around Patea for iron or timber (no greenwaste or household rubbish), two are on Chester St and one on the corner of Egmont and Norfolk Sts.
- If you are unable to get the debris to the transfer station, please leave piles on the curbside and contact STDC on 0800 111 323 to arrange pick up (this will take several days to organise). This service will continue until 12noon on Friday 9 March.

- We are currently working with the Governement to see if we can access Taskforce Green to help with the tidy up.


- If you have any issues with your water supply or wastewater, please contact the South Taranaki District Council on 0800 111 323.


- The following roads are closed due to fallen trees and debris. Muggeridge Road, Upper Raumaha Road, Ridge Road, Waikare Road, Wearweraonga Road, Karakahi Road, Okahutiria Road and Katene Road.
- The following roads are now open, but extreme care is needed as the trees have been pushed to the road edge; York Road, Block 9, Henson Road, Block 8, Omahina Road, Kohi Road, Otauto Road, Ihupuku Road, Maben Road and Kaupokonui Heads Road.
- Council is aware that there has been a lot of damage to road signage. The Stop and Give Way signs are being fixed first and then the street signs will follow.


- Please stay away from this area for the next 7 days. Due to the damage done and the tree felling that is currently taking place, it is a very dangerous area and Council workers are there now trying to clean it up.


Emergency Help Contacts

Disasters can be tough on relationships but resorting to violence is never OK. It's more important than ever for people to ask for help if they are experiencing violence in their family.
In an emergency, ring the Police on 111.
The 0800 Family Violence Information Line provides information and connects you with local services. It operates every day and is open from 9am - 11pm. Call 0800 456 450.

If you are injured ACC can help with treatment and other support.
The first step to getting help from ACC is to visit a doctor, accident and emergency clinic, physiotherapist or other health professional. As well as treating your injury, your health professional will help you fill out an ACC claim form and send it to ACC.
If you have questions about assistance, call ACC on 0800 101 996 or visit

The Government has a number of assistance packages that are available to anyone who needs them. You may be eligible for several different types of assistance.
Help from Work and Income
You don’t need to be on a benefit to get help from Work and Income. If you're not sure what you may be eligible for visit www.workandincome.govt.nz or call 0800 559 009, or visit a service centre.
Hawera – 15 Union St Hawera
Whanganui - Victoria Ave or St Hill Street Whanganui
Work and Income will have a mobile service operating from Wednesday (from 10am daily)

You can call Housing New Zealand’s Customer Services Centre on
0800 801 601 any time day or night.

We offer advice and information for landlords and tenants who rent their homes.
Phone:  0800 83 62 62 between 8:00am and 5:30pm weekdays, for advice or to make an appointment at your local office.
Website:  http://www.dbh.govt.nz/tenancy-index

Inland Revenue Help Line 0800 473 566
Call Inland Revenue for information about tax, Working for Families Tax Credits, Child Support, KiwiSaver or Student Loans. You can also visit www.ird.govt.nz   
Tax returns personal and business
If the Taranaki weather event over the weekend of 2-3 March 2012 has stopped you from meeting a tax return or payment due date, please don’t worry.  Inland Revenue will work with you to sort things out.  You can contact them using secure webmail at www.ird.govt.nz or by calling 0800 473 566.
If your tax records have been destroyed or damaged, please call 0800 473 566.  Inland Revenue can work with you to help reconstruct your records.
After your returns are filed, and your tax has been paid, you can apply for a remission of any late filing penalties, late payment penalties and use-of-money interest.
Visit  www.ird.govt.nz for more information.
Working for Families Tax Credits and Child Support
If you receive payments, such as Working for Families Tax Credits, they’ll continue as usual. If your circumstances have changed you may want to check that you’re getting the right amount. View all news