Warm weather leaves a bad taste

Warm weather leaves a bad taste

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don’t be alarmed if you have recently noticed an unusual taste or odour in your water.

This is due to a natural phenomenon that happens throughout Taranaki around this time of year with the warmer, more humid weather.

South Taranaki District Council engineering assets and planning manager Howard Wilkinson says the combination of warmer weather and lower river water levels creates the perfect conditions for the naturally occurring compounds that carry this taste and odour to thrive.

“Despite the unpleasant odour the water is quite safe to drink. All the harmful bugs are killed off during the treatment process, but these tiny compounds that give a musty and unpleasant taste to the water still remain” says Mr Wilkinson. “These compounds are not harmful at all.”

Mr Wilkinson suggests using activated carbon filters (available from hardware stores and some supermarkets) or chilling your water in the fridge to reduce the taste.

“We hope heavy rain forecast for later in the week should also help to reduce the effect of the compounds on the taste and smell of our water,” he says.