Nukumaru Station Road Notice of Requirement

Nukumaru Station Road Notice of Requirement

South Taranaki District Council Engineering Services Group (the applicant) has given notice of its requirement to designate land for the purpose of extending and upgrading Nukumaru Station Road. The purpose of the Notice of Requirement is to provide an alternative route to the Waiinu Beach settlement which would remove the need to cross the Waitotara River. The project would involve upgrading sections of the existing road and extending it south to connect with Waiinu Beach Road.

This new route would extend between State Highway 3 and Waiinu Beach Road. It would be approximately 8.1km long and its design is based on New Zealand Standards. The designation footprint would provide for a 20m wide road corridor as well as a construction corridor to enable works to be provided for within the designation. The road itself would generally be a 6m wide, two-way sealed carriageway.

The notice will be jointly processed by both the South Taranaki District Council (as a consenting authority) and Whanganui District Council (WDC) as Nukumaru Station Road marks the boundary between the two districts. However, because the South Taranaki District Council (STDC) is both the requiring authority and the consenting authority, processing of the notice will be undertaken by an independent consultant on behalf of STDC and any decision regarding the notice will be made independently of STDC.

The Notice of Requirement is available to view online through the links below. This notice includes an assessment of environmental effects. A hardcopy may be inspected at the South Taranaki District Council Office, 105-111 Albion Street, Hawera.

The Notice of Requirement has been notified to a number of persons who may be affected by the project to a minor or more than minor extent in accordance with section 95E of the Resource Management Act 1991. These persons may make a submission on the Notice of Requirement

A submission can be made by sending a written or electronic submission to the South Taranaki District Council at Private Bag 902, Hawera 4640 or The submission must be in the prescribed form and address the matters included in form 13 of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Regulations. Copies of this form are available from the South Taranaki District Council. Submissions will be considered in relation to the requirement to designate land in both the Whanganui and South Taranaki districts.

Submissions close on Friday 16 June 2017.

Notice of Requirement


South Taranaki District Council has confirmed decision on three applications to designate land within STDC and WDC boundaries. The Independent Commissioner made her recommendations to the STDC as Requiring Authority on 14 September. STDC confirmed those recommendations that all three applications be confirmed to enable the realignment of Nukumaru Station Road and construction of an extension to that road from SH3 through to Wai-inu Beach Road.