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This service is provided by Westpac New Zealand Limited, in agreement with South Taranaki District Council. You do not have to be a Westpac customer to use this service. Payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.


A convenience fee of 1.9 per cent per transaction is applied by Westpac New Zealand Limited to transactions processed through this site. South Taranaki District Council does not receive any part of this fee. You should check with your card issuer for details about other fees or charges that may also apply, as this credit card transaction is carried out in terms of the arrangement between you and your card issuer.

If payment is made using a credit card issued outside New Zealand, any currency conversion will be done according to the terms and conditions of the card - there may be currency conversion fees charged by your card issuer.


If you have the option, Online Banking is one of the easiest ways to pay your rates and other bills. By using your own bank’s online services you should be able to select or set up the Council as a payee to make payments.  Using your banks own online service allows you to pay for a number of things like Dog Registrations, Rates, Water Rates, Building & Resource Consents.

Please make sure you clearly identify exactly what it is you are paying and remember (if you are a South Taranaki ratepayer) to use your property number when putting in your payment details, so we can receipt you correctly.

Also note; if you shift properties your property number will need to be changed.

The Council's Bank Account number is 030647  0220100  03 


Direct debit allows you to pay your rates directly from your bank account.  The amount is taken out of your account on a basis which best suits your budget and we offer the following payment periods:

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually

Often we can process your completed direct debit form within a matter of days.  If you wish to take advantage of direct debit click here, complete the details and return to us at the address below.

South Taranaki District Council

Private Bag 902

Hawera 4640

We will write to you confirming details of your bank account and when your first deduction will take place.

On an annual basis we will also recalculate your periodic payment (If weekly, fortnight or monthly) and advise you of any changes to the amount that will be deducted.  This will ensure you are continually paying the correct amount to keep your rates up to date.

When your direct debit is set up with your bank there may be a one of fee charged by your bank to set this up, however there are no other fees.



Automatic payment allows you to pay direct from your bank account and is very similar to direct debit.  You can choose the following payment periods:

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually

Your automatic payment form will need to be sent to your bank account for processing. Click here to access the automatic payment form, complete the details and forward to your bank.

The amount of your automatic payment needs to be checked by yourself on an annual basis after you receive your first rates installment invoice to ensure the amount you are paying is correct or you can contact us to ensure the amount is sufficient to pay the full installment without incurring a penalty.



Please post your cheque to the address below and make sure you have enclosed your remittance advice so you get your receipt..

South Taranaki District Council

Private Bag 902

Hawera 4640



Rates can be paid in person at the following locations across the district:

Contact Centre – Hawera Administration Building – Albion Street

Hawera LibraryPlus – High Street

Manaia LibraryPlus – South Road

Opunake LibraryPlus – Tasman Street

Kaponga LibraryPlus – Victoria Street

Eltham LibraryPlus – High Street

Patea LibraryPlus – Egmont Street

Waverley LibraryPlus – Weraroa Road  

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.



In cases of hardship the Council will consider applications to help ratepayers who are in financial difficulty. To find out more about how you can do this call us on (06) 278 0555 or toll free 0800 111 323 or click on the link below to find out more about the Council's Rates Postponment Policy.

Rates Postponement Policy