Annual Plans

Annual Plans

Every three years the Council is required to develop a Ten Year Plan which outlines the projects and services the Council intends to carry out in the district. Each intervening year the Council also develops an Annual Plan which highlights the Council’s programme for that year and identifies any differences in that programme with what the Council said it was going to do in its Ten Year Plan. The most important thing about the Annual Plan is that it sets the rates for the coming year.

Previous Annual Plans

Click on the links below to access the Council's previous Annual Plans:

Annual Plan Full copies

2019 - 2020 Annual Plan - Fees and Charges 2019-20

2017 - 2018 Annual Plan

2016 - 2017 Annual Plan

2014-2015 Annual Plan

2013 - 2014 Annual Plan

2011 - 2012 Annual Plan

2010 - 2011 Annual Plan

2008 -2009 Annual Plan

2007 - 2008 Annual Plan

2005 -2006 Annual Plan