Proposed District Plan 2015

Proposed District Plan 2015

The South Taranaki District Council has recently reviewed its current District Plan (2004). The District Plan controls the way land is used, developed, protected and subdivided in the district.

Following consultation with stakeholders and interest groups, and analysis of issues and options by the Council, the Council has prepared a Proposed District Plan.This Proposed Plan was notified on 15 August 2015 with the submission period ending on 12 October 2015. 

Once the Proposed South Taranaki District Plan 2015 becomes operative, it will replace the existing Operative South Taranaki District Plan 2004.

What is a District Plan?

The Council is required to have a District Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991. The main purpose of the District Plan is to ensure that land use and subdivision in the SouthTaranaki District are sustainably managed. The District Plan controls the way land is used, developed, protected and subdivided in the district.

To help achieve this, the District Plan identifies zones (e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural) for different land uses in the South Taranaki District. Each zone has different objectives, policies and rules associated with it under the District Plan which are tailored to the land use and activities typical to that particular zone. There are also provisions in the District Plan that apply to all properties in spite of the zoning such as Hazardous Substances, Utilities and Energy.

Legal Effect

Some of the Proposed District Plan rules already apply. Certain types of rules have immediate legal effect from the date of notification of the Proposed District Plan (15 August 2015). It is important to check what rules apply before carrying out works on your property. Further details about these rules can be found on the information sheet here: Rules that have legal effect

Summary of Decision Requested and making a further submission

101 submissions were received on the Proposed District Plan. A summary of the submissions (decisions requested) on the Proposed District Plan has been prepared. A copy of the Summary, and the original submissions, can be found here. In addition, the Summary and all original submission are available for viewing at your local Council office and LibraryPlus.

Further submissions are now invited in support of, or opposition to, submissions received. A further submission must be limited to a matter in support or opposition to an original submission.

Under Clause 8(1) of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, the following persons may make a further submission:

  • Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; or
  • Any person that has an interest in the Proposed District Plan greater than the general public has; or
  • The Council itself.

If you fit one of the above categories, you can make a written or electronic further submission.

Further submissions close on Friday 29 January 2016.

The submission must be in Form 6 and must state whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission. Click here to download Form 6. You may make a submission by sending a written or electronic submission by:

  • Email:
  • Post: South Taranaki District Council, Private Bag 902, Hawera 4640.
  • Dropping it into the South Taranaki District Council Administration Building at 105-111 Albion Street, Hawera.

A copy of your further submission must be served on the person who made the submission to which your further submission relates, within 5 working days of lodging the further submission with the South Taranaki District Council.

If you have any questions about making a further submission, the summary of decision requested, or the Proposed South Taranaki District Plan 2015 generally, call the Planning team on 0800 111 323.

Where to from here?

Once the further submission period has closed on 29 January 2016, the following process will occur (timeline is indicative only):

  • February - March 2016: Informal meetings with submitters to discuss and clarify submissions (meetings organised and facilitated by Council officers)
  • March - May 2016: Public hearings (a panel of councillors will hear from those submitters that wish to speak at a public hearing. There will be a staff evaluation and recommendation report on submission and further submissions received.)
  • June - August 2016: Deliberations and then decision released on submissions (the panel of councillors will consider all submissions and evidence presented at the hearings, and then issue a written decision).
  • September 2016: Appeal period (submitters have the opportunity to lodge appeals with the Environment Court if they are not satisfied with the Council's decision).
  • November - December 2016: Proposed District Plan 2015 will be made Operative, subject to resolution of any appeals.

Proposed District Plan 2015

Electronic copies of the Proposed South Taranaki District Plan, submissions and accompanying reports, including Section 32 Evaluation Reports, are available on the links below:

South Taranaki Proposed District Plan 2015 Volume 1

South Taranaki Proposed District Plan Maps Volume 2

Summary South Taranaki Proposed District Plan (2015)

Notices of Requirements for Designations

Section 32 Evaluation Reports

Documents by Reference

General Information (Public Notice)

Submission and Summary of Decision Requested

Hard copies of the Proposed District Plan and accompanying documents are available at the following locations:

  • South Taranaki District Council Administration Building, 105-111 Albion Street, Hawera.
  • Hawera LibraryPlus, 46 High Street, Hawera
  • Eltham LibraryPlus, High Street, Eltham
  • Kaponga LibraryPlus, 42 Victoria Street, Kaponga
  • Manaia LibraryPlus, 22 South Street, Manaia
  • Opunake LibraryPlus, 43 Tasman Street, Opunake
  • Patea LibraryPlus, Egmont Street, Patea
  • Waverley LibraryPlus, 58 Weraroa Road, Waverley