Documents by Reference

Documents by Reference

Below is the list of documents that are referenced in the Proposed District Plan:

Material incorporated by reference:

New Zealand Standards

The following documents cannot be viewed online for copyright reasons. Please contact the SouthTaranaki District Council to arrange to see a copy of these standards.

  • NZS6808: 2010 Acoustics - Wind Farm Noise
  • NZS6801: 2008 Measurement of Sound
  • NZS6802: 2008 Acoustics – Environmental Noise
  • NZS6803: 1999 Acoustics – Construction Noise
  • NZS6807:1994 Noise Management and Land Use Planning for Helicopter Landing Areas
  • NZS6801: 1991 Methods of Measuring Sound
  • NZS6802: 1991 Assessment of Environmental Sound
  • NZS6801: 1977 Methods of Measuring Noise
  • NZS6802: 1977 Assessment of Noise in the Environment
  • NZS4121: 2001 Design for Access and Mobility: Buildings and Associated Facilities
  • AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 Parking Facilities – Off Street Car Parking
  • NZS8409:2004 Management of Agrichemicals
  • NZS2772:1999 Radio frequency Fields – Maximum Exposure Levels - 3kHz to 300 GHz
  • NZECP 34: 2001 New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice for Electrical Safe Distances

Council Publications

Government Publications

Other Publications

You can obtain a copy of the above documents by clicking on the relevant document, or contact Council for the copyright protected documents.

Note, many of the documents referenced above are new or updated versions of documents referenced in the Operative District Plan. With regard to the various versions of the noise standards referenced above, reference to the older versions of the noise standards is proposed to be retained as these relate to specific rules that apply to some of the large-scale industrial facilities in the district (e.g. Kapuni gas production and processing plant). The latest versions of the noise standards would be referenced in the general noise rules.

If you would like to know more about any of the standards referenced above, or how they are proposed to be referenced in the Proposed Plan, please contact Council on 0800 111 323.