South Taranaki District Plan Version 2016

The South Taranaki District Council has reviewed its District Plan (2004) and produced a new District Plan. This is something Councils are required to do every 10 years to make sure it reflects current issues affecting the District.

The District Plan controls the way land is used, developed, protected and subdivided in South Taranaki.

The process started in December 2014 with a review of the current District Plan as it relates to resource management issues in the district. The outcome of the review was a Proposed District Plan that was released for submissions in August 2015 and for Further Submissions in January 2016. The Council’s Proposed District Plan Hearings Panel has carefully considered the matters raised in the submissions and has heard from many of the submitters. These matters have shaped the decisions that are now being released.

There are several differences between the new Plan and the 2004 Plan. Some of the key ones are summarised briefly below;

  • Providing for higher density housing near Hawera’s Central Business District;
  • The creation of a new Township Zone for the district’s small towns;
  • Introduction of a minimum lot size and minimum balance area for rural subdivision;
  • Two new Rural-Industrial Zones;
  • New simplified provisions for controlling Hazardous Substances;
  • Specific provisions to incentivize renewable energy generation activities;
  • New provisions to manage indigenous vegetation removal in wetlands, some new Significant Natural Areas and a smaller maximum area for indigenous forest removal;
  • The Coastal Protection Area has been redefined based on a Natural Character Assessment and the list of activities controlled has been refined;
  • New areas of Outstanding Natural Character, Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Outstanding Natural Features have been identified;
  • A Waitotara Flood Hazard Area to ensure development in flood-prone areas is safe;
  • Specific provisions for short-term events that happen infrequently.
  • The Proposed District Plan Hearings Panel’s decisions will be notified in the Taranaki Daily News on Saturday 5 November 2016 and directly to submitters. Once the decisions have been notified, the new provisions will come into force. Anybody who made a submission or a further submission can appeal the decisions to the Environment Court within 30 working days of notification of the decisions. For more detail about the proposed changes please either see the Council’s website (, call the Planning Team on 0800 111 323 or email

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    Three errors have been noted in the Decision Version of the Proposed Plan in relation to Rules 3.1.1 (addition of 'landfarming'), 3.1.5(c)(v) (amending ‘hazardous facilities’ to ‘significant hazardous facilities’) and 12.2.4(c) (deletion of existing significant hazardous facilities). The corrected version of the Proposed Plan is linked below.

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