Council's Mission

Council will lead with fairness and integrity, and work to inspire a vibrant and caring spirit of community, while remaining an efficient and sensitive provider of services and facilities.

South Taranaki will be a district where  .  .  .

Essential services are provided efficiently and at reasonable cost.

The community is involved in the planning of the district's future. The views and concerns of residents are listened to and respected.

The rights of Tangata Whenua in terms of the Treaty of Waitangi and the Resource Management Act are fully respected.

Economic development is welcomed and encouraged whenever it is undertaken with concern for the quality of our environment.

The natural environment is cherished and cared for. The mountain, coastline, lakes, rivers, air and land are treated as the natural treasures they are.

All visitors are made welcome.

Every resident has the opportunity to be involved in sport, recreation, the arts and many cultural activities, and to develop and enhance their mental, spiritual and physical health.

A strong sense of community and identification with the district is evident.

We all share a sense of pride in our achievements.

Our history is well understood, valued and preserved by the community.

Achieving the Purpose of Local Government

The purpose of local government as outlined in the Local Government Act 2002 is to meet the current and future needs of communities for good quality local infrastructure, local public services and the performance of regulatory functions in a way that is most cost effective for households and businesses.

The South Taranaki District Council works towards this purpose through our Mission Statement and Community Outcomes and use these to guide us when making decisions, developing policies, strategies or determining priorities regarding the activities and services we provide.

Community Outcomes

In 2004, in partnership with the three other Taranaki local authorities, our Council helped develop a set of regional outcomes which we have adopted as our District outcomes. Identifying these outcomes was co-ordinated by the Taranaki Regional Council and a region wide community survey was undertaken as part of the process.

These outcomes fall under seven main headings:
Vibrant South Taranaki - A District that provides a high quality and diverse cultural and recreational experience and encourages independence and creativity.

Connected South Taranaki - A District that delivers accessible and integrated infrastructure, transport and communication systems which meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

Together South Taranaki - A District that is caring and inclusive, works together and enables people to have a strong and distinctive sense of identity.

Secure and Healthy South Taranaki - A District that provides a safe, healthy and friendly place to live, work and visit.

Prosperous South Taranaki - A District that boasts a sustainable, resilient and innovative economy that prospers within the natural and social environment.

Skilled South Taranaki - A District that values and supports learning so that all people can play a full and active role in its social, cultural and economic life.

Sustainable South Taranaki - A District that appreciates its natural environment and its physical and human resources in planning, delivery and protection.

The Council contributes to these outcomes through being a provider of essential services and key community services, as well as being an advocate for the community’s needs, a facilitator for community groups; a regulator for the protection of the environment and safety of residents; a co-ordinator of funding sources and a partner with our community, neighbouring councils and government agencies.

Connected South Taranaki

The elements of a Connected South Taranaki are:
1. Effective, efficient, safe and reliable infrastructure is provided and maintained.
2. High quality communications systems, information technologies and distribution networks exist.
3. The land transport system is safe and responsive.
4. The strategic value of the region’s state highways is recognised and provided for and local road networks are maintained and enhanced where appropriate.
5. The public transport system is reliable, safe and accessible.

Prosperous South Taranaki

The elements of a Prosperous South Taranaki are:
1. South Taranaki is an attractive place to work, do business and to visit.
2. The District is a birthplace of innovation and ideas, where technological developments and opportunities for added value are capitalised on.
3. South Taranaki’s strengths are recognised and diversification of business and industry is valued and encouraged.
4. There is a high level of employment and adequate incomes.
5. Development and population growth in the District is encouraged but managed in a manner that does not compromise on natural or social environment.
6. People are confident and are happy to invest in the future.

Secure and Healthy South Taranaki

The elements of a Secure and Healthy South Taranaki are:
1. There is equality of access to a comprehensive range of high quality health and disability services when required.
2. The environmental, physical and mental health of the people of South Taranaki is maintained, enhanced, promoted and protected.
3. A wellbeing model for health is promoted in the District, whereby people are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health in order to promote good health outcomes.
4. There is adequate and affordable housing.
5. Residents and visitors feel safe from crime.
6. A sustainable management approach is taken to hazards and risks across the areas of reduction, readiness, response and recovery.
7. South Taranaki is a friendly and welcoming place.

Skilled South Taranaki

The elements of a Skilled South Taranaki are:
1. Learning and the creation of knowledge is valued.
2. High quality education and training opportunities exist with strong links between businesses, schools and training institutions and there is excellent pre-school, primary and secondary education.
3. A wide range of innovative and training opportunities are accessible to people of all ages.
4. A supportive and responsive learning environment exists where people are encouraged to participate and success is celebrated.
5. The workforce has the skills to meet the needs of the District’s employers.

Sustainable South Taranaki

The elements of a Sustainable South Taranaki are:
1. There is sustainable use, development and protection of resources. South Taranaki’s land and soil, water, air and coast, its biodiversity and its natural features and landscapes are understood, valued, maintained and enhanced for future generations.
2. Animal and plant pests and biosecurity risks in the District are appropriately managed.
3. South Taranaki’s historic heritage is identified, recognised and protected.
4. Built environments and environmental amenities are of a high standard and contribute significantly to the wellbeing of people and communities.
5. People are valued and their contribution to the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of the District is recognised and supported.
6. Sustainable development is encouraged.

Together South Taranaki

The elements of a Together South Taranaki are:
1. All people feel valued and supported within a caring community and have a sense of equality and belonging.
2. A cohesive, united community exists based on strong relationships between people from different cultures, communities and organisations. Multi-ethnic diversity is celebrated and different cultural values are respected.
3. The place of Maori is recognised and respected. Relationships that are mutually beneficial are built between Maori and the wider community.
4. People from all sectors of the community are able and encouraged to contribute to their communities and opportunities to participate are enhanced.
5. Co-operation, collaboration and co-ordination between agencies, organisations and councils occur to avoid duplication of resources, minimise ‘red tape’ and promote a consistent focus.
6. South Taranaki people have a strong sense of place. The special significance of Mount Taranaki to the people of South Taranaki and its role in South Taranaki’s identity is recognised and provided for.
7. There is a sense of community where local distinctiveness and diversity are valued and allowed to thrive.

Vibrant South Taranaki

The elements of a Vibrant South Taranaki are:
1. People have access to and are encouraged to participate in a wide range of high quality recreational, sport, leisure art and cultural activities.
2. The District has high-quality public amenities and facilities.
3. Individual responsibility, independence and creativity are encouraged.
4. All people have access to local services and facilities.
5. There is safe, convenient and affordable access to the natural environment and public access to the District’s coastal marine area, lakes and rivers is maintained and where practical enhanced.

South Taranaki District Council Code of Conduct