STDC Staff

Chief Executive                                                            

Waid Crockett                                                     

Office of the Chief Executive

Gerard Langford - Communications Manager

Jill Kenyon - Human Resources Manager

Reg Korau - Iwi Liaison Advisor

Community Services Group

Fiona Greenhill - Group Manager

Claire Symes - Community Development Manager

Cath Sheard - Libraries and Cultural Services Manager

Phil Waite - Community Facilities Manager

Dave Lee - Aquatic Services Manager

Engineering Services Group

Brent Manning - Group Manager

Herbert Denton - Operations Manager

Vincent Lim - Roading Manager

Kobus Van der Merwe - Projects Manager

Peter Cook - Treatment Manager

Howard Wilkinson - Engineering Assets and Planning Manager

Environmental Services Group

John McKenzie - Group Manager

Lindsey MacPhail - Building Control Manager

Doug Scott - Regulatory Services Manager

Blair Sutherland - Planning Manager

Corporate Services Group

Phillippa Wilson - Group Manager 

Vipul Mehta - Finance Manager

Jan Johnston - Contact Centre Manager

Eddo van Loenen - Chief Information Officer

Coral Hair - Policy and Governance Manager

Karen Mekalick - Property Manager