Elektra is a free family event being put on by the Council on 8 November at King Edward Park in Hawera from 6-10 pm.A fabulous night of fun and creativity, Elektra will light up your senses in every way – with food trucks, lighting performances, light installations, pixie path and the park looking it’s lit up best.One of the events within the event is a “Launch of 1000 Lanterns” – an opportunity for families and friends to launch a floating lantern on the Park lake.

The night’s events start from 6 pm, so come for a picnic, buy food from the food trucks and enjoy our stunning Park while waiting for dark to fall.


6 - 8pm Circus Play Zone 

7pm Launch of 1000 Lanterns Start

7.30 - 8:30pm Glow Butterflies

8 – 8:30pm Te Kotahitanga Kapa Haka

8.30 – 8.45pm Circus of Flames

9pm Ignite the Night

9.15pm Graphic Poi