10d Mobile Cinema at TSB Hub Hawera

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 10:00 AM

www.10dmobilecinema.co.nz is coming to TSB Hub Hawera Tuesday 30 September 10am - 4pm, $5 per ticket.

Watch the movie.... feel the movie....  Ride the 'Crazy Coaster' Survive the 'Bloody Road' or the 'Pumpkin Ghosts' Fight in the 'Medieval Battle' or fly with 'Jet and Jin'.

A 6 seater mobile cinemas mounted on the back of a truck.  The 10 in 10D is a representation of the number of effects the cinema has #D Visual Effect, snow, fog, lightning effect, wind, water, flame effect, ghost, seat movement and ticklers!

Venue: TSB Hub Hawera