Community Preservation & Care Workshop

Sunday, August 14, 2011 01:00 PM

Aotea Utanganui are holding Community Preservation & Care Workshop on 14th August 1pm - 2pm at Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki, 127 Egmont Street, Patea.

Are you a community group needing assistance managing your archives, photos and records?

The inaugural Community Preservation & Care Workshop, 'Overview' is being hosted by Aotea Utanganui, Museum of South Taranaki to introduce you to the key requirements of preserving your collection of archives, records and photographs that are of high importance to you and your community. This workshop will cover topics such as re-housing your archives appropriately, care of photographs and albums, newspapers, maps & books , digitization standards, sources of funding, collections & technology and environment & future considerations.

So join District Archives, Cameron Curd for this Community Preservation & Care Workshop . We   jfjaf    .

We look forward to protecting your past.

Workshop Topics:

- Re-housing your Archives

- Care of Photographs & Albums, Newspapers, Maps & Books

- Digitization Standards

- Sources of Funding

- Collections & Technology

- Environment & Future Considerations

Contact us today if you're interested in participating in this one hour workshop.

 Phone: 06 273 8354


Registrations close Friday 29th July 2011.   

Venue: Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki, 127 Egmont Street, Patea