Dairy Farming Seminar - Patea

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 11:00 AM

Hunter Shaw Building 11.00 - 2.30pm. Soil health, Herd fertility, Milk quality. Feed your soil and the soil will feed your plants to feed your cows! Sounds simple...but are you happy with your results?

Hear our common sense approach to cow performance. Two great talks and we provide lunch!

Talk 1: Tackling the tough production issues, speaker Dr Pat Poletti - Mineral Systems

Talk 2: Fertilise strategically - there is a better way, speaker Ron McLean  - Kiwi Fert Ltd & Golden Bay Dolomite. 

Register for lunch at www.mineralsystems.co.nz/events or call free 0800 765 854. 

Venue: Hunter Shaw Building, Patea