AmeriCARna is back for 2015

AmeriCARna is back for 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

There seems to be a little confusion about whether Americarna is happening this year – Opunake and Hawera, get ready, cause thecars will definitely be roaring into your town.

On Friday 27 February the 400+ cars will be travelling from New Plymouth to Opunake via SH45 where they will park up at Sandford’s Event Centre from 10.30am-12.15pm. From there they will travel along SH45 to Hawera where they will spend the afternoon.

In Hawera the cars will be parked on High Street (from Argyle to Caledonia St) and in the Community Centre carpark. Albion Street (from High to Erin Sts) will be closed for an exciting new event – The Repco Go-Stop Drags. “People need to be aware that there will be limited parking, soit’s a good idea to car pool or to walk to work” says South Taranaki District Council Event Coordinator Jody Bloor.

Within the CBD there will be music and a market day with the local businesses entering in a window dressing competition.

There will be no road closure in Opunake however motorists need to take extreme care around Sandford’s Event Centre as the schools will be walking to view the cars. Opunake will be a chance for the drivers to re-gather, have morning tea, take a look around the local shops and visit the beach.

“We are really excited to have Americarna visit SouthTaranaki again, the community and businesses really get behind this event and make it the success that it is” says Jody.

The cars will be in Inglewood on Thursday 26, and in New Plymouth for AmeriCARnival on Saturday 28 February.


Go – Stop is an event where competitors charge off from the start line and head for a set of cones at the other end of the straight. When they reach the other end they have to come to a complete stop inside the cones and the competitor that completes this task in the fastest time is the winner. This discipline needs a combination of good acceleration and braking capabilities - the big more horsepower cars can get away quicker, but smaller, more nimble cars stop quicker. The straight is long enough you will have to shift a gear or two!