Drone to Survey Hawera Water Tower

Drone to Survey Hawera Water Tower

Thursday, May 08, 2014

An unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, sometimes referred to as a drone, will be used to carry out an external visual inspection of the Hawera Water Tower this Friday 9 May, weather permitting.

Group Manager of engineering services, Brent Manning, says the UAV to be used is a 3 rotor rotary wing mini-aircraft with a digital camera mounted on it. “The drone will fly a vertical flight path up and down around the tower to give full coverage of the tower. It will record digital imagery from which we can assess the condition and identify sections that may need further attention,” says Brent. “This technique has the advantage of not requiring a person to scale or abseil off the tower, and it is far quicker and therefore cost effective. The whole survey should take up to a day,” he says.

Because of the survey work the tower will be closed to the public on Friday and possibly during the weekend. If the weather is unsuitable the alternate day is Saturday 10 May. An area of up to 10 metres out from and surrounding the base of the tower needs to be cordoned off for safety clearance. At the same time an engineer will be inside the tower to check the concrete condition and to assess and verify the position, size and condition of the reinforcing steel inside the concrete.

The survey of the Water Tower is all part of the work being done to assess the seismic resistance of the tower structure, and its integrity in the event of an earthquake.