Waverley Clock Tower Gets Facelift

Waverley Clock Tower Gets Facelift

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Waverley’s clock tower was recently given a $15,000 facelift so that it was ready for ANZAC Day.

The clock tower was built in 1925 as a World War I War Memorial and plaques on the memorial were later extended to commemorate the fallen of World War II.

Close examination of the clock tower prior to planned painting showed that some of the interior guttering was faulty and the roof structure and concrete tiles needed work to maintain the weather tightness of the tower. After several months of intensive care, the clock tower is ready to face another century after having extensive repairs, a facelift to its original livery and the clock mechanism overhauled.

The clock tower site also shows the confines of the old military redoubt, now severely eroded, but the remains of the 1868 redoubt can still be seen.