Turn the Page

Turn the Page

Turn The Page: Reading your way to wellness

The Turn the Page programme links people who have mild to moderate mental health issues to a set of self-help books recommended by psychologists and counsellors. GPs ‘prescribe’ books to their patients, which can then be borrowed from the district libraries.

Introduced in 2011, the booklist currently covers eight different areas of mental health including depression, anxiety, stress and grief. The service also helps family members of people experiencing mental illness because they can read the books to gain a better understanding of what is happening.

Although it is recommended people seek medical help for mental health issues, the reality is not everyone chooses to do so, so copies of the list are available at all LibraryPlus so people can help themselves.

For more information about Turn The Page, please contact library staff at your local LibraryPlus  phone 06 278 0555  or 0800 111 323