Living in South Taranaki

Living in South Taranaki

South Taranaki has a lifestyle second to none - and what do we mean when we talk about lifestyle? Well check out some comments our residents made when we asked them:

"It takes me 4 minutes to get to work and 4 minutes to get back home. I just have so much more time for family and leisure!"

"There are so many things to do outdoors here and all so close. I can be tramping on the Mountain in the morning then surfing on the beach in the afternoon."

"The facilities we have here in South Taranaki are just awesome, whether its the Aquatic Centre, TSB Hub sports complex, the cinema, our libraries.....we have all the amenities of a big city, but none of the hassles."

"I love the great spirit of community we have here in South Taranaki, people just seem to be friendlier and care more."

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But we think pictures speak louder than words so check these out ......

.....and these are just a taste of what the South Taranaki lifestyle has to offer.  To see a whole lot more of the things to see and do in South Taranaki,click here