Paddy Manu Sports Awards

Paddy Manu Sports Awards

The 2012 Paddy Manu Sports Awards have been put on hold until later this year.

The awards evening was to have been held in Hawera on June 18 but has been delayed until August to allow the inclusion of teams in the prestigious event.

Entries were to have closed on May 25, but the closing date had been extended in response to public demand for teams to be part of the annual awards, convenor Malcolm Greenhill said.

The addition of teams was just a natural progression in the evolution of the awards, which were established in 2000 to commemorate popular South Taranaki sportsman the late Paddy Manu Jr, he said.

Originally, the award consisted of a single category, but evolved to include senior and junior categories.  Volunteers, coaches and masters categories were added subsequently.

Mr Greenhill said the trustees had decided to present the original trophy to an overall winner selected from the junior, senior and teams categories.

Nominations were open now for all those categories, although the closing dates was still being finalised because it depended on choosing a date for the awards evening.  Nominations entered before the original closing date in May remained valid for this year’s awards.

Mr Greenhill said the trustees were aware of many South Taranaki teams which would be worthy winners of the new teams category and which could also go forward to win the overall trophy. The trustees recognised it was often difficult to nominate an individual from a successful team for the awards.

He and the other trustees hoped the new category would be well supported and that sporting organisations from around the district would consider putting forward more names for all categories in this year’s awards.

Nominations close on July 30 and the awards evening will be held on August 20.

You can find the Nomination Form here