2.5% Average Rate Increase

2.5% Average Rate Increase

Thursday, July 02, 2015

South Taranaki District Councillors unanimously adopted their 2015 – 2025 Long Term Plan at Monday (29 June) night’s ordinary Council meeting.

The Plan sees a modest 2.5% average annual rate increase over the next ten years, which is less than the Local Government rate of inflation.

South Taranaki District Mayor, Ross Dunlop says this Long Term Plan is one of the best and most exciting plans that he has had the privilege of being involved with and reflects Council’s approach to building a strong and vibrant district.

“This Plan represents a great balance between doing the things we need to do to progress the district and affordability. With an average 2.5% annual rate increase over the next ten years this is one of the lowest I’ve seen for a District Council in the country,” says Mayor Dunlop.

“Previously, Council’s focus has been on upgrading our water and wastewater infrastructure and key community facilities. We are now in the enviable position of having completed most of the costly upgrades that many Councils’ are still facing,” says Mr Dunlop.

“The focus for the next ten years is on maintaining our current assets and core services as well as implementing projects to retain and grow our population,” he says.

“Because Council was very conscious of the need to keep rates at an affordable level we have funded many of our key projects with existing reserves and earnings from the Council’s Long TermInvestment Fund, rather than through rates,” says Mr Dunlop.

Mayor Dunlop says Council’s Long Term Plan contains a number of exciting projects designed to make South Taranaki an attractive and desirable place to live and do business.

These include:

  • The Hawera Town Centre Development
  • Civic Centre (part of the Hawera Town Centre Development) – including a new library,public toilets, art gallery/exhibition space, information centre and potential bus stop
  • Network of Walkways and Cycleways across the district
  • Earthquake Prone Buildings Assistance Package
  • New sports/clubroom facility for Taumata Park
  • ManaiaTown Pool Upgrade
  • Opunake Beach Improvements

Mayor Dunlop says that the Council received very clear direction from the 368 public submissions for what they wanted to see in the Long Term Plan. “Support for projects such as the Hawera Town Centre Development and development of a network ofcycleways and walkways was very high at 90% and 93% respectively.”

The Council’s Long Term Plan outlines the key issues, projects and services the Council intends on carrying out over the next ten years – along with the impact on rates.

Quick Facts

Average Total Rates increase over the next ten years 2.5% pa

Projected Total Expenditure over next ten years - $646 million

Projected Total Revenue over next ten years - $688 million

Projected Total Debt by 2025 - $142 million

Projected value of Long Term Investment Fund by 2025 - $162 million

Other upcoming projects and highlights over the next ten years

ProjectEstimated CostYear/s
New  Sports/Clubroom facility, Taumata Park, Eltham$500,0002015-17
Eltham Water  Projects$2,060,0002015-18
Eltham/Rawhitiroa Pool upgrades$406,0002015-18
Eltham Town Hall$210,0002019/20
Eltham Wastewater Pojects$1,150,0002015-25
Eltham Playground Upgrade$176,0002019-22
Kaponga Victoria Park Playground$68,0002019/20
Kaponga  Town Pool Upgrades$42,0002015-17
Kaponga  Wastewater Plant De-sludging$110,0002021/22
Opunake  Beach Improvements$237,0002016-18
Opunake  Beach Holiday Park/Playground$175,0002016-18
Opunake  Library Upgrades$108,0002018-21
Te Namu Pa  Bridge Opunake$79,0002016/17
Opunake  Wastewater Improvements$778,0002015-25
Manaia Town  Hall Upgrades$195,0002017/18
Manaia Town  Pool upgrade$684,0002018-21
Manaia  Library Upgrades$58,0002015/16
Patea  Library Upgrades$111,0002015-17
Patea  Public Toilet Replacement$266,0002024/25
Patea Water  Reticulation$639,0002016-18
Waverley  Library Upgrades$67,0002016-18
Waverley  Beach Holiday Park/toilets Upgrades$293,0002018/19
Waverley  Community Centre $55,0002019/20
Waverley Wastewater  Projects $241,0002019-25
Waiinu  Wastewater Treatment Plant$888,0002015-17


Grants and Funding

The Council also approved the following funding requests:

An additional $20,000 to go towards berm mowing with the priority being Manaia berms.

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust - $50,000 annual grant for next 3 years

Opunake Sports and Recreation Trust - $20,000 annual grant for next 3 years

Hawera Cinema 2 Trust - $50,000 annual grant for next 3 years

Surf Lifesaving NZ - $27,177 annual grant for next 3 years (increased each year for inflation)

Taranaki Arts Festival Trust - $30,000 annual grant for next 3 years

Taranaki Garden Trust - $6,000 annual grant for next 3 years

Taranaki Enviroschools - $5,000 annual grant for next 3 years

SouthTaranaki Museum Trust – one off grant of $50,000 for stage 2 building project

Citizen’s Advice Bureau -$6,960 annual grant for next 3 years

South Taranaki Womens Centre - $2,000 annual grant for next 3 years

The Village Gallery Eltham - $3,000 annual grant for next 3 years

Paepae in the Park -$5,000 annual grant for next 3 years


District Network of Walkways/Cycleways

1Improvements to existing community walkways  eg Opunake Walkway
2Manaia – walkway around the township  perimeter
3Denby Road to Waihi Beach and Nowells Lake  Loop
4Patea Dam to Lake Rotokare mountain bike  trail
5Puawai Street (Hawera) off road mountain  bike route
6Normanby – Hawera commuter route 

Note:Pathways 3 to 6 are new routes and completion is subject to external funding,the negotiation of access and in some cases the support of user groups. It is also possible that some sections maybe delayed or not proceed as a result of access issues.