Artists explore another dimension

Artists explore another dimension

Monday, July 07, 2014

The Third Dimension presents sculpture works by thirteen contemporary artists from throughout South Taranaki, living in Opunake, Hawera, Patea, Oeo, Tataramaika and Waverley.  Curated by Michaela Stoneman, Arts Co-ordinator at South Taranaki District Council, the selected artworks are evidence of the vast creativity in our district.

Tucked away in workshops, home studios and sheds, these artists are all whittling away finding solutions to problems, fine tuning techniques and developing their unique aesthetic.  Sculpture materials  include ceramics, fiber, steel, glass, andesite, glitter, granite, silver, wood, muka and found objects. 

“A sculptor’s world explores the scope of our senses to manifest physical forms that
reflect inner concepts. The diversity and complexity of the processes, techniques and physicality of the sculptural mediums are constantly challenging to the artist” Ms Stoneman says.

“I asked all the artists the same questions to inform this exhibition catalogue. Their responses were personal and enlightening, with some similar themes and strands.  Unsuprisingly, most artists said that time was a constant challenge. The labour intensive and often methodical focus and discipline required to create these works is important to acknowledge and is an aspect that I greatly admire”.

Artists featured in the exhibition are Anna Korver, Beck White, Carl Fairweather, Claire Whiston, Dale Copeland, Jimi Walsh, Leicester Cooper, Lisa Walsh, Odele Rapley, Potohaka, Roger Morris, Steve Molloy and Viv Davy.

The Village Gallery is a community gallery run by a dedicated committee and team of volunteers in Eltham and surrounding areas. It is supported by the South Taranaki District Council and by sponsorship, grants, gallery commissions on sales and fundraising. 

The Third Dimension
8-31 July 2014
The Village Gallery, 166 High St, Eltham
Open: Monday- Saturday 10.00am- 3.00pm