Decision to relocate Kaponga Library to Memorial Hall

Decision to relocate Kaponga Library to Memorial Hall

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Councillors have recommended permanently relocating Kaponga’s LibraryPlus to the town’s Memorial Hall at Monday’s (1 May) Policy Development Meeting.

The Kaponga LibraryPlus has been temporarily based at the Memorial Hall for the last nine months after the old LibraryPlus building was found to be earthquake prone.

The decision was made following consultation with the Kaponga community who were fairly evenly split on the move.

Of the 52 feedback forms returned, 50% wanted to repair the existing building, 44% wanted to relocate to the Memorial Hall and 6% didn’t specify a preference.

South Taranaki District Mayor Ross Dunlop says it made more sense to relocate and make better use of the hall facility which is underutilised.

“In 2015-16 there were only 6 bookings for the entire year at the Hall. By combining the LibraryPlus and hall into one upgraded community facility we are making much better use of our assets and providing greater security to the residents that these services will be retained,” he says. “It’s the most cost effective and suitable long term solution.”

Relocation of the LibraryPlus would also provide for a larger library with more scope for holiday programmes and events.

Mayor Dunlop says that as part of the relocation Council would work with the community to get a good outcome.

“The Council recommendation includes developing a new supper room and upgrading the toilets within the Memorial Hall as well as demolishing the old library building and working with the community to landscape and beautify the site so it’s an attractive feature in the town,” says Mayor Dunlop.

“The new combined facility must be fit for purpose, so it’s important that we get it right even if it means spending a little bit more in the short term,” he says.

The Council recommendation will need will need to be adopted at its next full Council meeting.