Dog Owners Prosecuted for Vicious Attacks

Dog Owners Prosecuted for Vicious Attacks

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The South Taranaki District Council, (STDC), recently successfully prosecuted two owners of dogs that were involved in a serious attack on sheep in the Morea valley.

Approximately 30 sheep were killed when the (unsupervised) dogs went on an attacking spree.  The owners were charged with offences relating to owning a dog that had attacked stock and failing to register.  The owners were fined and ordered to pay reparation of approximately $5,000 each.

STDC Regulatory Services Manager, Jim Single, said the prosecutions laid at the District Court, were a first for the Council and it reflected the firm line Council was taking with owners of uncontrolled dogs in the district.

“Our strong stance towards menacing dogs and zero tolerance approach to repeat offenders has contributed to a 40 percent decrease in dog attacks and incidents in South Taranaki over the last two years,” says Mr Single.

“Dog owners need to realise they are responsible for the actions of their dogs and serious offences will be referred to the Court for prosecution,” he says.