Exercise Shake Out - Earthquake drill

Exercise Shake Out - Earthquake drill

Thursday, September 06, 2012

On 26 September at 9:26 am, the Council will take part in the first ever nationwide earthquake drill.

Exercise ShakeOut has been created to help people and organisations be better prepared for major earthquakes. More than 980,000 people from across New Zealand have registered already.

If you visit a Council facility during Exercise ShakeOut, you will be encouraged to take part if you can. A warning will be used in each facility to signal the start of the exercise (eg. in our Hawera Administration Building, there will be three quick bursts of the fire alarm). Staff and visitors will then practice the Drop, Cover, Hold technique:

DROP to the ground.

COVER by getting under a sturdy desk, table, etc.

HOLD on to it until the shaking stops.

After 30 seconds, the warning will sound again to signal the end of the earthquake. For most people, this will be the end of their participation. But staff in critical areas of Council (for example water supply, roading and rural fire) will then take part in a desktop exercise to test our preparedness. We encourage as many people as possible to register themselves, their families, their schools and their businesses by going to www.shakeout.govt.nz

Being involved is a great way for you to be better prepared for a major earthquake.