Help Celebrate Water Tower Centenary

Help Celebrate Water Tower Centenary

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Hawera Water Tower, which has stood sentinel over the town for almost 100 years, will be celebrating its centenary in 2014.

Hawera Community Board chair, Fiona Hicks says the historic tower is an iconic landmark in the town and should be celebrated as such.

“I would like to see the people of Hawera make the Tower’s centenary something really special,” says Mrs Hicks. “The Council is planning a community event to celebrate the occasion but I imagine there are other groups and organisations who would like to do something too and we should do it in a coordinated manner. Perhaps we could make annual events in the town themed around the Water Tower’s centenary, commission a limited edition stamp or have a ‘flower tower’ competition in the Town Square during the Fringe Garden Festival or the Powerco Garden Spectacular,” she says.

“I want to see next year’s calendar packed with Tower related events and activities.”

Bizlink Hawera Co-ordinator, Rangi Coleman says the Business Associationis keen to support and help celebrate the Tower‘s centenary in 2014. “One of the ideas discussed by Bizlink is the possibility of coloured lighting to ‘light up’ the Tower during the year to coincide with other planned events for the centenary celebrations” says Mr Coleman.

South Taranaki District Council tourism and leisure services manager, Phil Waite, says he is considering getting some Water Tower memorabilia to sell through the Information Centre. “I thought about getting some miniature replica Water Towers or other souvenir items but I’m not too sure what people might like – so let us know!” says Mr Waite.

If you or an organisation you belong to has an event in mind to celebrate the Hawera Water Tower centenary, or if you simply have a good idea for ways to celebrate please contact Fiona Hicks, Rangi Coleman Phil Waite, phone (06) 278 0555.