Kaponga LibraryPlus Temporary Move

Kaponga LibraryPlus Temporary Move

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kaponga LibraryPlus has been identified as earthquake prone and is being temporarily relocated to the Memorial Hall while options for strengthening are investigated.

The decision to temporarily move the LibraryPlus came after an Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA) indicated that the building came in at 20% of the New Building Standard, well below the 34% mark.

“Usually, after an ISA identifies the need, a more Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) is conducted,” says Libraries and Cultural Services Manager, Cath Sheard. “However given that the building is small and the issues with the building are clear the decision was made to get a solution designed and priced for Council’s consideration without doing the DSA.”

Because of this, Kaponga LibraryPlus will be closed on Friday 26 August to shift books and shelves and will reopen on Monday at the Supper Room in the Kaponga Memorial Hall.

“Our key priority is the safety of our staff and the public using our buildings,” says Cath. “Some services will be limited initially but we are doing everything we can to ensure the public are inconvenienced as little as possible.”

Options should be ready to be presented to Council around November.