Livestock Control Bylaw and Underpass Policy adopted

Livestock Control Bylaw and Underpass Policy adopted

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The South Taranaki District Council has adopted the Livestock Control Bylaw and Underpass Policy, as of the 15th August 2019.

The Policy comes in to effect immediately; however, the Livestock Control Bylaw has transitional provisions which allows a one year period for farmers to meet the safety requirements contained within the bylaw.

The bylaw provides rules for the use of the road for the movement of livestock (such as crossings, courses and droving), as well as temporary grazing, the installation of underpasses, fencing (including boundary fences, and electric fences), fence encroachment permits, and stock routes (around urban areas). The bylaw requires farmers to move livestock using the minimum safety conditions contained within the standardised traffic management plans. This includes warning signage, high visibility vest and requiring two people (a person at the front and back) of the mob being moved.

The Underpass Policy provides information on the responsibilities of the farmer and the Council when an underpass is installed, provides detailed information on the installation process, and specifics on construction.

For more information, the bylaw and policy can be found below, viewed at the Council Administration Building (Albion Street, Hawera), or any LibraryPlus Centre. If you require further information, please contact the Council on 0800 111 323.

Livestock Control Bylaw

Underpass Policy