Opunake Flood Update

Opunake Flood Update

Friday, August 07, 2015

Council Building Inspectors have visited 11 homes that received flood damage, all of which have been assessed as safe and habitable.

All roads in the area, apart from one (Dieffenbach Street, Opunake) have been re-opened, though people should stay away from stream banks, cliff tops and culverts in case of slips.

Council water supplies are secure and safe, however people should treat surface water, or anything that came into contact with floodwater, as potentially contaminated.

Residents should wash their hands after touching any surfaces or objects contaminated with floodwater and before they eat or drink anything. Signs have been put up at Opunake Beach and Middleton Bay advising people not to eat shellfish until further notice.

The Opunake Transfer Station will be open all day (8am –5pm) Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for people to put any flood related damage (free of charge). Skip bins have also been placed on Dorset and Allison Streets for people to dispose of flood damaged material.

The Civil Defence Centre, (at Sandfords Event Centre) has been closed. In all there was one couple the welfare team had been asked to find accommodation and the Ministry of Social Development is working with these people.

For any ongoing welfare issues phone 0800 900 049 to contact Taranaki Civil Defence or the Ministry of Social Development – 0800 552002

For any other flood related issues call STDC on 0800 111 323.