Opunake Water Flushing

Opunake Water Flushing

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Council is flushing Opunake’s water pipes over the next week (starting on Thursday 15 Sept) says STDC engineering operations manager, Herbert Denton.

The flushing is part of the Councils regular programme to keep the town’s water pipes clean.

“The work was planned to take place in two weeks’ time, however, due to reports of discoloured water, we have brought this flushing work forward,” says Mr Denton.

“We flush because over time fine sediment accumulates in the water pipes. Flushing involves opening the main hydrants at the top of the town and flushing the water through the pipe network,” he says.

While the flushing will be done at night, your water may be discoloured for a short period of time while the flushed water runs through the town network. We suggest you run your cold water tap for 2-3 minutes or until the water clears. Though the water may be discoloured, it is safe to drink and the Council will be undertaking water sampling to ensure this.

If discolouration continues or if you have any questions, please ring the Council toll-free on 0800 111 323.