Partial Water Restrictions Introduced in Waimate West

Partial Water Restrictions Introduced in Waimate West

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Partial Water Restrictions were introduced today in the Waimate West Water Supply Scheme in South Taranaki.

The restrictions mean all unattended hoses, sprinklers, and irrigation systems are banned. Hand held hoses may be used 7pm – 9pm by houses with even street numbers on even calendar dates, and odd numbered houses on odd calendar dates.

South Taranaki District Council (STDC) assets and planning manager, Howard Wilkinson, says water supplies in Waimate West (the largest rural supply in South Taranaki) are critically low.

“The supply is running at its maximum capacity of 17,000 cubic metres per day, and if the situation does not improve Full Restrictions will need to be introduced in Waimate West,” he says.

“Consumers need to limit water use wherever possible, look for and fix any leaks,” says Mr Wilkinson.

The restrictions come after months of hot, dry weather and consequent high demand for water.

“November was an extremely dry month for South Taranaki and we received 50% less rain than usual. December was also well below normal, for example Patea only got 55% of its usual rainfall,” he says.

Mr Wilkinson also says the recent rain which hit Taranaki earlier in the week largely missed coastal and south Taranaki. “The rain we did receive was welcome but was much less than expected and it did not have great effect. There was virtually no rain south of Hawera to Wanganui,” he says.

The mid-term forecast is for no significant rain over the next seven days.

In the next few months, as part of the Council’s ongoing 10 year programme of upgrading water supplies a new water main will be built which will link the Waimate West Water Supply Scheme with the new $20 million Kapuni Water Treatment Plant.

This will provide Waimate West with a supplementary source of water and will be operational by next summer.

The Waimate West Water Supply takes in the area around Pihama in the west, down to Ohawe in the south and inland towards the Mountain up to Rowan Road. It includes the towns of Manaia and Kaponga.

Waimate West joins Patea/Waverley/Waverley Beach and Waiinu which already have partial water restrictions in place.

Other ways to help conserve water include:

  • Avoid watering lawns (sprinklers are banned in Waimate West/ Patea/Waverley/Waverley Beach and Waiinu )
  • Take short showers rather than baths
  • Fix any leaks and dripping taps
  • Use full loads to wash clothes/dishes
  • Wash cars or boats seldom
  • Do not clean driveway/house with a hose
  • Report any leaks on the Council network so we can fix them

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