Public Notice

Public Notice

Saturday, July 07, 2012

South Taranaki District Council

TAKE NOTICE that the South Taranaki District Council (“STDC”) intends to exercise its statutory powers conferred by s.77 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 in respect of the land described by the below Schedule to:
1. Apply to the District Court one month after the date of this notice for an order declaring the land to be abandoned; and

2. To authorise the STDC to sell or lease the land -

Because the rates have not been paid to the STDC for three (3) years or more and the ratepayer for the land –
(a) is unknown; or
(b) cannot be found after due inquiry and has no known agent in New Zealand; or
(c) is deceased and has no personal representative; or
(d) has given notice to the STDC of his or her intention to abandon the land or has abandoned the land.
The land is situated within the territory of the STDC and titles are within the Taranaki Land Registration District.  If you believe you have an interest in the land or information relevant to the proposed applications by the STDC, you should contact Anne Fitzgerald on 0800 111 323.


Registered Proprietor
Address Title Identifier Legal Description Area Assessment Number
The Eltham Lawn Tennis Club Inc. 18 Graham Street, Eltham TN153/264 LOT 5 DP3140 LOT 6 DP3012 2744 square metres more or less 1220054700
Tukotahi Manaia Kaipo Street, Waitotara WN23A/384 LOT 47 DP33 1012 square metres more or less 1240002000
Frank John Booker 22 Ihupuku Street, Waitotara WN76/263 LOT 66 DP68 1012 square metres more or less 1240003200
Duncan McNab Laird 26 Okiwa Terrace, Waiinu Beach WN26B/624 LOT 13 DP57052 1012 square metres more or less 1242013913
Duncan McNab Laird 34 Okiwa Terrace, Waiinu Beach WN26B/628 LOT 17 DP57052 865 square metres more or less 1242013917
Peter Darrin Poutama 28 Gibson Place, Patea TND4/530 LOT 28 DP11947 647 square metres more or less 1244001216
Peter Darrin Poutama 27 Gibson Place, Patea TND4/529 LOT 27 DP11947 647 square metres more or less 1244001217
Leonard Roy Lloyd and Joyce Teio Lloyd Albany Street, Patea TNB1/1088 LOT 3 DP27
LOT 4 DP27
1038 square metres more or less 1244015400
Raymond Phillip Whanau and Whakarongo Whanau 2 Monmouth Street, Patea TN265/68 LOT 3 DP17 1012 square metres more or less 1244017102
Patea Investments Ltd. 24 Norfolk Street, Patea TN148/47 Section10 Block XXIV Town of Patea 1012 square metres more or less 1244033800

Craig Stevenson
Chief Executive Officier
105-111 Albion Street, Private Bag 902, Hawera 4640
Phone +64 6 278 0555