Representation Arrangements Finalised

Representation Arrangements Finalised

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Local Government Commission has released their determination on the South Taranaki District Council’s (STDC) Representation Arrangements for the 2019 local government elections. The Commission has agreed with the Council’s Final Proposal.

The Council will be made up of the Mayor and 12 Councillors elected from four wards as follows:

  • 3 councillors for the Taranaki Coastal Ward
  • 2 councillors for the Eltham-Kaponga Ward
  • 5 councillors for the Te Hāwera Ward
  • 2 councillors for the Pātea Ward

There will also be four community boards with four elected members each elected for:

  • Taranaki Coastal Community Board
  • Eltham-Kaponga Community Board
  • Te Hāwera Community Board
  • Pātea Community Board

The Commission’s Determination comes into force at the upcoming local government elections in October 2019.

“This is the end of a process started back in 2017,” says Waid Crockett, STDC Chief Executive.

“We had 21 submissions to the initial proposal and the Council made a number of changes as a result of these, especially around the ward and board names. The boundary and name changes will be communicated to the public and potential candidates over the next few months as we prepare for the 2019 elections.”

Local Government Commission Determination for South Taranaki District Council