Rotokare Lake closed Reserve Remains Open 2015

Rotokare Lake closed Reserve Remains Open 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Due to high levels of blue-green algal bloom (Cyanobacter), the lake at Rotokare Reserve is closed to all users until further notice. The grounds at Lake Rotokare Reserve remain open for visitors.

South Taranaki District Council environmental health officer, Geraint Evans says Cyanobacter is a naturally occurring algae capable of producing toxins, most commonly causing skin and eye irritation. However some of the toxins could potentially cause sore throats, asthma, paralysis and vomiting or diarrhoea.

“Any visitors to the reserve showing these symptoms should consult their doctor immediately or contact the Taranaki District Health Board Public Health Unit on 06 753 7798 for further information,” says Mr Evans.

“Visitors to the lake should not collect or eat fish and plant life or come into contact with the water,” he says.

Mr Evans says there are a number of alternative locations for those who want to go water skiing or the like, such as Lake Rotorangi at Glenn Nui, Tangahoe or the Patea Dam Camp site off Ball Road.

The lake will remain closed until cleared by the Taranaki District Health Board.