Wired4Winter @ South Taranaki LibraryPlus

Wired4Winter @ South Taranaki LibraryPlus

Friday, June 03, 2011

The new Wired4Winter LibraryPlus teen programme is kicking off this week – but you’re not too late to register!

Join 90 other South Taranaki teens who are already registered and tune in to your local libraryplus this winter and you could be in to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes. 

Wired4Winter is a new library programme for 13-19 year olds. It started on June 6 and all you have to do is ‘read or listen to’ items from any of the seven LibraryPlus centres and answer a few short questions to earn valuable points. The points are gathered up until the end of the eight week programme when participants attend a live auction and use these points to bid for prizes.

Murray Quinn, auctioneer from Quinn and Meads Auctions will facilitate the auction making it fun night to attend.

You don’t have to be an avid reader for a chance at some of the prizes. Items that can be borrowed at your libraryplus include Playaways (an MP3 player with a story read on it), graphic novels (comics) magazines and the traditional book. Extra points can be earned by registering and sending in reviews online. Membership to the libraryplus is free.

“We are encouraging participants to do as much online as possible. We know that all South Taranaki teens have access to a PC through home, school or at their nearest libraryplus. Many will be online at some stage so flicking through a book review is just a small job.”

Traditional methods of handing in reviews across the counter will also be received.

Prizes range from $10 values to $600 and include Cannon camera, Xbox Kinect bundle, PS2 Singstar bundle, skateboard, GHD, gift packs and loads of vouchers from various stores.

Go to the LibraryPlus webpage to find out more – or be sure to ‘like’ the Get Wired at South Taranaki LibraryPlus on Facebook to keep updated.