Your Local Library Services

Your Local Library Services

Friday, July 29, 2011



 LibraryPlus Services

 Do you know what services and events

are offered to you through South Taranaki







Do you know what resources and events are offered to you through the South Taranaki LibraryPlus?

Activities: At your local library we have all kinds of events and activities for customers of all ages to use.  There are tot-times for preschoolers, holiday programmes for the primary aged children,  teen events, book clubs for both children and adults. We have coffee mornings, visiting authors, musicians and artists doing workshops.

The libraries resources are not just books. There are DVD's, magazines, newspapers and information pamphlets about local and national events and attractions. We have audio books for children and adults, jigsaw puzzles and games.

Free Internet and Wi-Fi is available so customers can catch up with friends using,  facebook, e-mail or skype. Apply for jobs online or search for information. There are a wide range of online sites covering a wide range of topics - from Health and Wellbeing to, History, Art, Music and Fashion, that librarians can help you access.

Why not call in and see what would interest you?

Council Services. Library customers can also take the opportunity to use other council services. You can pay water and property rates, enquire about building permits or property files, register your dog, inform council about lights not working in town. You can even tell staff about wandering dogs or stock, or pay parking fines.


Pop down and check out your local libraryplus or check our website to see what's happening at your place.

LibraryPlus facilities are your one stop shop for recreation, information and Council services.