SouthTRU Youth Group

SouthTRU Youth Group

What is South TRU?
SouthTRU stands for South Taranaki Rangatahi United.
SouthTRU is the South Taranaki District Council youth representative group.
SouthTRU reps make positive change in their towns.
SouthTRU reps have support and training from the Youth Development facilitator, other youth groups and supporters in the community.

What does SouthTRU do?
SouthTRU organises events, activities and projects which make the towns of South Taranaki a better place for youth, families and the wider community.
Previous SouthTRU projects:
• The 2011 and 2010 Drivers License Course
• Ward Wars
• Youth Week events
• Graf Art workshops
• Screen printing workshops
• Youth Awards 2009
• Supporting local events

What does SouthTRU want to achieve ?
“Awesome places for youth to live”
They want to see:
Love between youth and family
Family getting to know community support
Community have youth more involved

Mentors, community groups and interested locals...
We need your help to build connected communities!
The success of the SouthTRU groups lies in connecting with local people and existing youth groups. 
If you would like to link in with and support the SouthTRU kaupapa email Peter Heard.

Join SouthTRU!
Email the Youth Development Facilitator Peter Heard to request a SouthTRU info pack, which includes the application form for SouthTRU. Or upload the application form here. Applications to join SouthTRU are due by April 5th (before Easter weekend).

Kick Start Camp SouthTRU - click here to find out more.

SouthTRU criteria:
SouthTRU is always seeking reps who want fun and positive things happening in their towns!
No previous skills or experience in leadership, events and meetings is required.
Also, SouthTRU members must live in South Taranaki and be between 14-24 years old.

The benefits of being a rep:
• Fun, friendship and positive vibes.
• Training in
        o Leadership
        o Project planning
        o Running meetings
        o Organising events

• SouthTRU reps are supported by the Youth Development Facilitator, local adult supporters, and local community organisations to run events and projects in their home towns.

When do SouthTRU events happen?
Some SouthTRU trainings and events are planned already.
Other activities will be planned by town representatives as they see fit.

Have a look at our events coming up for 2012

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