Arts On Tour NZ Presents - Do or Di?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 07:30 PM

7.30pm Waverley Community Centre, Chester St, Waverley. $25 from E.C Dallisons (cash or cheque only)

Herschel Herscher (Jews Brothers Band) hosts this fun-filled musical event. Add singers Anna Rugis and Linn Lorkin (French Toast) and you have a top professional vocal trio.

Rugis created the the production spoofing a fabulous fifties-style television game show, to showcase the trio's comedic and musical talents.

Wonderful singing, three part harmony, jazzy arrangements, piano and accordion solos. All are applied to the hits of Doris Day and Dinah Shore with outrageous style and energy while the audience guesses which diva was the hit-maker.

Venue: Waverley Community Centre, Chester St, Waverley