King Edward Park Lake Clean Out

King Edward Park Lake Clean Out

Monday, April 16, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks the main Lake at King Edward Park in Hawera has been emptied. When it is full, the lake contains 1800 cubic metres of water, although in reality, not all of this content is water says Parks Manager David Bruce.

“Along with the bottles, stones, golf balls, cell phones, cans, cutlery and other memorabilia that litter the lake floor there is also a significant deposit of sludge, a heady mixture of duck poo, pollen and decayed leaf litter,” he says.

“Emptying the lake is no easy task, the original outlet has been long blocked by tree roots and the only method available has been to call in the pumps. Some of the water has been pumped over the park’s gardens, some directly into the sewage system, but most has had to be trucked away to the Hawera waste water ponds,” says David.

Once emptied, the lake will be water-blasted. “There will be quite a bit of work needed to reinforce some sections of the lake’s 105- years-old concrete walls, badly cracked in places by tree roots, and to identify and repair other areas of leakage. It will also be an opportunity to review the lake’s plumbing, especially its outfalls to ensure that the emptying/cleaning operation is easier for the future,” says David.

It’s expected the lake will remain empty until early June. A small regatta is being planned for its reopening.