Pakiwaitaratanga - Live Like a Legend, Exhibition

Pakiwaitaratanga - Live Like a Legend, Exhibition

Monday, August 05, 2013

In its second year, the exhibition is a collaboration between the South Taranaki District Council (STDC) and E-Town Youth Health and development programme, offering young people an opportunity to showcase artistic achievement within their community in a dedicated art gallery.

A vibrant collection of unique artworks have been created at two hands-on school holiday workshops provided at E-Town by mentor artists Jimi Walsh (Waverley),  Mikaere Gardiner (Turangi) and after-school programmes by Fleur Le Bas (Eltham).

“It was great to see the potential of the youth – they were all really talented. There are some great murals in Eltham and Taranaki has a great energy in regards to the arts – quite luscious. E-Town is possibly the best youth organisation I have ever seen; a great place for young people to come to, create projects together, be safe and looked after.  It offers a platform to develop themselves and their own identity.  They can use it like a creative studio space” Mr Gardiner said.

The workshops and exhibition are facilitated by STDC Arts Co-ordinator, Michaela Stoneman in partnership with E-Town Programme Co-ordinator, Stephanie Mackay.

The show will feature skateboard design, mixed media panels, aerated concrete sculpture and photography. E-Town youth are involved with all aspects exhibition, including graphic design, marketing, installation and catering for the opening event.

“We have had a great workshop making art on skateboards. It’s been really good. I found out about a lot of tools and skills to use in my painting to get the look I wanted on my skateboard”. Storm Savage, age 12.

 “We’ve been designing our own skateboards and we got to play with spray paint – it’s fun! I learnt how to make stencils and different ways to achieve what I wanted. Come to our exhibition, it will be amazing.” Ariana Hansen, age 17

All are welcome at the opening at 5.00pm, Tuesday 6 August - come along, enjoy refreshments and meet the young artists. 

Exhibition runs until 30 August 2013 – The Village Gallery, 166 High Street, Eltham. Open 10am-3pm Mon-Sat.

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For more information contact Michaela Stoneman on 0800 111 323