Touring exhibition celebrating the Kiwi spirit and our rugby roots stopping in Hawera

Touring exhibition celebrating the Kiwi spirit and our rugby roots stopping in Hawera

Friday, August 19, 2011

Oranges at Halftime: Rugby and the Kiwi Experience will be touring the nation and stopping at just one place in Taranaki – Hawera.

In September, just before the RWC2011 games kickoff in New Plymouth, Hawera will be hosting this touring exhibition which celebrates the dads who coached nippers on the school field, the mums who washed the muddy shorts, the loyal fans on the sidelines in the rain, and the determined souls on the field playing their hearts out for their mates.

The exhibition is completely free to visit and open to the public. It is part of the REAL New Zealand Festival, a nationwide celebration of the things we love most about New Zealand.

Exhibition visitors will step into a golden age of grassroots rugby to explore what the game means in our nation. The exhibition has a focus on the post-war years through to the 1970s, uncovering the shaping influence of rugby throughout NZ life.

Taste life at home in a true-blue rugby family, move on to explore the diversity in the crowds on the sidelines at a match, step on to the paddock where players put their pride and heart into every match, and finally settle into the clubrooms to learn about different kinds of clubs and their role at the heart of so many Kiwi communities.

Features of the exhibition include:

  • Take on your friends and family and answer every question in the Halftime Challenge.
  • Add your story to Keith Quinn’s famous collection of anecdotes. A video kiosk inside the trailer allows you to share your favourite rugby tales with Keith.
  • Play selector and vote for the Grassroots XV, a team of quirky, cheeky and heroic characters from the lesser-known corners of Kiwi footy history.
  • Discover classic recipes that filled the tanks of NZ’s rugby legends before a big game.

The exhibition team particularly encourage those who have been involved in rugby, either playing or helping in other ways, to come and share their stories at the recording station. Keith Quinn will not be the only one to inherit these stories; they will also be passed to the team at, who will add them to their collection of valued records of Kiwi life.

Don’t miss it - Oranges at Halftime: Rugby and the Kiwi Experience will be at TSB Hub (Camberwell Road car park) on 8-9 September and will be open from 10am to 4pm.


  • The Oranges at Halftime touring exhibition is a collaboration between the National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust and Eklektus Inc. The exhibition was funded by the NZ 2011 Festival Lottery Fund as part of the REAL New Zealand Festival.
  • The National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust (The Roadshow) specialises in developing and delivering nationally, quality science, innovation and technology education programmes and exhibitions for students, teachers and the wider community. Annually over 200,000 people directly engage with Roadshow projects. The majority of their exhibitions are toured and delivered in unique fold out exhibition trailers as can be seen with Oranges at Halftime.
  • Eklektus Inc. works internationally on creating, developing and producing exhibitions and exploring cutting-edge visitor experiences. In New Zealand, Eklektus Inc. has recently worked with the WaitomoGlowworm Caves, New Zealand Post, Victoria University of Wellington and the St James Theatre.