Beaches and Surf Breaks

Beaches and Surf Breaks


The Taranaki coastline is home to countless classic surf breaks. Breaks like Stent Road, the Kumara Patch, Fitzroy Beach and Arawhata Road have become legendary in New Zealand surfing over the decades and continue to attract surfers from around the world. No matter what the swell or wind direction, it’s almost always offshore somewhere along the Surf Highway.


Ohawe Beach
This popular beach offers a range of swimming, surfing and fishing spots, along with a powered camp site and toilet facilities.



Kaupokonui Beach
Just out of Manaia, this beach offers surfing, camping, swimming in both the sheltered river and sea.



Said to be one of the best surf breaks south of Opunake. This picture-perfect peak works in most winds and on most tides, and can handle the larger swells. Access is just beyond the brightly painted farm shed.


Opunake Beach
Opunake Beach is a safe beach for swimming that is well patrolled in summer by volunteer lifeguards. There are free barbeques, excellent picnic areas, children’s playground and paddling pool with a campground offering a range of accommodation less than 50 metres from the beach. The beach is also only a short walk from the centre of town.

Kina Road
Home to the region’s best wave-sailing and draws wind and kite surfers from around the world. Mast-high waves are relatively frequent on this part of the coast, and the left-hander into the bay can provide a wild 400m ride.


Kumara Patch and Stent Road
Two of the region’s best breaks are the legendary Kumara Patch, fast-breaking left hander that peels for 150m along a boulder bank, and the equally iconic Stent Road, offering a right-hand reef break into a rocky bay. The signpost marking Stent Road has long being a target for souvenir hunters, which is why the road is now marked with a large rock instead of a more conventional signpost.