Business Mentors

Business Mentors

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The Business Mentoring programme enables small and medium sized business owners to access the skills and knowledge of experienced and successful business people, helping them to achieve their business goals.

When matching our clients with mentors we take into account your business needs, industry and what you are looking for from the relationship. This helps to make a good match for you to achieve your business goals.

A mentor can provide:

Independent, confidential, impartial advice

Peace of mind, increased confidence, a fresh perspective, inspiration or simply a sounding board to bounce ideas off for growing your business.

Assistance to implement improvements, support which is not often available after attending a business course or workshop.

An empathetic person to listen to the challenges and difficulties you face - sometimes this alone is all that’s needed to identify strategies and opportunities for growth.

Incentive and challenge forsmall business owners to go further, set new goals and achieve better results.


The mentoring programme caters for all Taranaki businesses.

If you are interested in working with a Business Mentor, please contact:

Jane Moffitt, Business Advisor on 0274 544 597 or email