Helping Kiwa Fly

Taking part in a Business Makeover Challenge was enough to convince Deanne Werder-McCrea that Venture Taranaki could help her boost her business – Kiwa High Performance Web.

“The Makeover Challenge began with an opportunity to meet a range of experts right here in Taranaki, and hooked me in to Venture Taranaki’s services,” Dee says.

Venture Taranaki’s Capability Development Vouchers have enabled Dee to get in touch with experts in fine-tuning existing aspects of her business and developing and testing new ideas for the future.

“Through the Voucher scheme I’ve been given the tools to fully investigate new ideas, and assess them in a way that really determines whether they’ll work or not.”

Dee started the business in 1997, and now brings in skilled developers from around New Zealand and the world to create and enhance websites for an equally international client base. She also recognises the value in showcasing South Taranaki, and has forged a relationship with IG2I college in Lens, France and other European design schools to bring in an intern for part of each year.

“Hawera is a fantastic hub for this sort of business. There’s a great community network here that really proves the value of word-of-mouth, and the overheads are much lower than bigger centres.”

“Plus there are fantastic lifestyle benefits – it’s great to raise a family here and the size of the local marketplace makes for limited direct competition, though enough to ensure we look after our customers.”

Offering a full range of web design and development through to search engine marketing and social media integration, Kiwa has built an enviable reputation and an equally passionate client base, yet hasn’t bought in to the hype of the dotcom industry.

“We started small and have grown solidly and steadily through many quiet achievements,” says Dee.

“I’ve got some fantastic ideas about where I want the business to be in 10 years, and with the help I’ve received from Venture Taranaki I’m on track to get there.”