Need Help on a Business Project?

Need Help on a Business Project?

This is your opportunity to get a student to work on a project that you’ve been struggling to get around to.

Callaghan Innovation is now inviting applications from businesses for their Postgraduate and Summer [Undergraduate] Internship programmes.

Funding is available for businesses to employ postgraduate and/or summer undergraduate internstudents with science, technology, engineering, commercialisation, design or marketing degrees.   The funding is aimed at giving New Zealand’s future innovators a head start in their careers by developing their technical skills in a commercial research environment.  This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with our Universities and young innovators, and get some valuable R&D undertaken.

The Callaghan Innovation website has more information on the programme, eligibility, key dates and the application process.  By way of summary:    

Postgraduate – 70 internships available

Applications are NOW OPEN

Applications close 8 July

Target date for notification to applicants is 31 Aug

Based upon a maximum annual salary of $60,000, funding provided will be $30,000 (plus GST) to cover the salary of the postgraduate for the first six months

Summer Intern – 200 internships available

Applications open 19 June

Applications close 17 July

Target date for notification to applicants is 13 Sept

Funding of $16 per hour up to 400 hours is available over the student’s summer break (Nov 2013 –Mar 2014).  Total maximum is $6,400 plus GST

Please note that you DO NOT have to have a student confirmed at the time of applying.  This is something that can be arranged once you are notified of your application’s outcome.

If you feel that you have an eligible project for a student to work on then please give me a call and we can start the submission process.  Zara Ryan, 06 759 5165 or


An undergraduate student is one who is studying for their first bachelor’s degree.

A postgraduate student has already completed a bachelor’s degree and graduated.  They are now involved in more advanced study. They include honours and master’s degrees, as well as postgraduate certificates and diplomas.