eDay 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010 09:00 AM

CLEAN UP NZ's e-Waste!

@  the TSB Hub, Camberwell Road, Hawera

What can be disposed of

  • computer hardware
  • monitors
  • networking equipment (e.g. modems, routers, hubs)
  • scanners
  • keyboards, mice, speakers
  • laptops
  • printers
  • game consoles
  • toner and ink jet cartridges
  • mobile phones
  • fax machines
  • digital cameras

What can't be disposed of

We can't accept items that aren't related to computers or mobile phones. These include:

  • televisions
  • radios
  • stereos
  • DVD players, video recorders
  • other home appliances
  • furniture
  • software

What is eDay?

eDay is a community initiative designed to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling computers and the hazardous nature of electronic waste (e-waste), while offering an easy way for households and schools to dispose of old computers and mobile phones in an environmentally sound manner.

The event was launched in Wellington in 2006 with an extremely successful pilot sponsored by Dell. Fifty-four tonnes of unused computer hardware were collected in one day. In 2007, eDay was extended to 12 locations throughout New Zealand where a total of 6,900 cars dropped off 415 tonnes of e-waste.

In 2008, at 32 sites across the country, a further 946 tonnes of e-waste was diverted from New Zealand landfills. This included more than 87,000 computer items including monitors, CPUs and printers.

eDay 2009 was extended to include 38 centres from Kaitaia to Invercargill and resulted in 976 tonnes of e-waste being diverted from landfills. 16,432 cars from across the country dropped off over 83,000 computer items to be recycled.

eDay 2010 will be held in more than 40 centres throughout New Zealand on Saturday 6 November 2010. Organisers are aiming to divert as much as 1,300 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills, up from last year's record of 976 tonnes

Venue: TSB Hub, Camberwell Road, Hawera