2018/19 Dog Registrations

 2018/19 Dog Registrations

Friday, June 01, 2018

Dog registrations are posted out 1 June each year. All dogs over the age of 3 months must be registered with the South Taranaki District Council by 31 July each year. A 50% penalty is applied to any outstanding fees after 31 July (see late registration fees below), and if still unregistered by 1 September an additional $300 infringement per dog will be issued.

Click here to have a look at the Dog Registration Brochure for more information.


Dog Registration Fees

Paid by 31 JulyLate Registration
Urban (spayed/neutered)$120.00$180.00
Selected Owner Policy$70.00Revoked
Selected Owner Policy - Entire$90.00Revoked
Rural (first 2 dogs)$58.00$87.00
Rural (three or more)$48.00$72.00
Seeing Eye Dogfreefree
Dangerous DogBase fee + 50%+ 50%


Strive to be a Selected Owner

Dog owners in urban areas of South Taranaki can apply to become a Selected Owner. Selected Owners receive benefits through a discount in annual dog registration fees. If you want to know whether you are eligible to apply, please call Council’s Regulatory Services on 0800 111 323.



Since July 2006, it has been compulsory for all newly registered dogs to be microchipped. Working farm dogs (a dog kept solely or principally for the purpose of herding or driving stock) are exempt, however you must apply for an exemption.

Dogs that have been registered before July 2006 do not need to be microchipped unless they are impounded or declared Dangerous or Menacing.

Microchipping provides a simple, lifelong way of identifying dogs, making it easier to return lost dogs to their owners. Please provide Council with the microchip number of your dog to ensure your dog is returned to you. Council provides a microchipping service, contact Council’s Regulatory Services for more information.


National Dog Database

The National Dog Database holds information on all registered dogs including registration details, microchip number, breed, year of birth and owner details. The Council must supply and maintain the information held on the database which is operated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Please ensure all of the details (full name, address and date of birth) on your registration form are complete and correct. It is a legal requirement that we have this information.