Annual Plan Sees Reduced Rate Increase

Annual Plan Sees Reduced Rate Increase

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The South Taranaki District Council (STDC) confirmed its Annual Plan for 2019/2020 at Monday night’s (20 May) ordinary Council Meeting.

As a result of the community feedback the Council agreed to grant an additional $17,000 to the Ōpūnake Lions Club ($10,000 towards maintenance for the

Ōpūnake Walkway), Friends of Hāwera Parks ($5,000 towards an event during the Taranaki Garden Festival) and the Eltham Village Gallery ($2,000).

The additional funding had the effect of increasing the proposed average total rate from 2.98% to 3.02% but was still lower than the 3.47% initially projected in the Council’s 2018-28 Long Term Plan.

The effect on individual properties will vary due to the district wide property revaluation which took place in 2018, where commercial and residential properties saw a significant increase in value compared to rural properties which saw a more modest increase.

South Taranaki Mayor, Ross Dunlop, says he is pleased that Council has been able to reduce the projected rate increase while also continuing to support community projects.

“Our Council is always conscious of the need to keep any rate increases to a minimum, so we are pleased that by keeping a tight control on expenditure, and savings made through lower borrowing costs, we have been able to reduce the 2019/20 rate increase from what was projected in year two of our Long-Term Plan.”

Mayor Dunlop says Council’s focus for the next year continues to be on the revitalization of the Hāwera Central Business District, (with the development of the Library, culture and arts centre, Te Ramanui o Ruapūtahanga), development of town centre strategies for Eltham, Manaia, Ōpūnake, Pātea and Waverley, continued implementation of the District Pathways Programme and further improvements to the district’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

Other notable projects the Council is working on in 2019/2020 include;

  • designing a new community facility in Manaia
  • upgrading the Manaia swimming pool
  • earthquake strengthening Pātea’s Hunter Shaw building,
  • installing fully contained ablution pods at Halse Place, Ōpūnake and Waihi Beach Reserve
  • building the Waiinu Beach wastewater plant, Waverley Water Treatment Plant and pipe replacements for Eltham Water Treatment Plant
  • completing a feasibility study for an industrial park
  • building the Nukumaru Station Road extension south of Waverley.

By the numbers:

Total Expenditure is $64.2 million

25% of Council operational expenditure goes into Roading and footpaths

60% of Council operational expenditure is on the core activities of roads, water and waste

40% of Council’s projected income will come from sources other than rates (11% will come from the Council’s Long-Term Investment Fund)

The value of the Long-Term Investment Fund is projected to increase to $144.62 million (including internal borrowings of $18.25 million)

Total debt is projected to increase to $138.32 million (including internal borrowings of $18.25 million) by the end of 2019-20.