Census Day: 8 March 2011

Census Day: 8 March 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did you realise that everyone who is in New Zealand on census day must fill in a census form or have one filled in for them? This includes babies, children and any visitors who may be staying the night of 8 March 2011.

The census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand, and the results will help determine how billions of dollars of government funding is spent in the community.

Census information is used to help make decisions about which services are needed and where they should be, such as hospitals, kōhanga reo, schools, roads, public transport, and recreational facilities. You can do your forms online or on paper. Statistics New Zealand census collectors will deliver an Internet Access Code and paper forms to your home before the census. Forms are available in either English or Māori. It is secure, quick and easy to do your forms online, and if all the forms for your household are filled in online, your collector may not need to come back.

Your personal information is protected by the Statistics Act 1975 and is not shared. No other organisation – including the New Zealand Police, Immigration New Zealand or Inland Revenue – can obtain census information that will identify you.

Answers to census questions help local councils understand the needs of the people who live in provincial or rural areas of New Zealand, and which services are needed and where they should be. It is important that you provide full and accurate answers to all the questions. Census information is used in ways that can directly benefit you and your community.

For more information visit www.census.govt.nz .