Consultation period closing soon for Gambling Policies

Consultation period closing soon for Gambling Policies

Monday, June 17, 2019

The deadline has been extended to tell us what you think about our Gambling Policies.

Council is required to review the Class 4 (pokie machine) Gambling Policy and the Board (stand-alone TAB’s) Venues Policy every three years, and we need your feedback by Friday 26 July.

Proposed changes to the policies:

Class 4 Gambling Policy

The Council is maintaining a capped limit model (opposed to a sinking lid policy). However, we are proposing to increase the cap by 1, to align with the number of consented machines in the District.

Board Venues Policy

There are no changes proposed for this policy, which does not allow any new stand-alone venues in the District. Board Venues are premises solely used for gambling. South Taranaki does have TAB outlets, which are different from stand-alone venues as they are based in premises which have a liquor licence; and the sole purpose of these venues is for the consumption of alcohol and food.

The Council’s Class 4 Gambling and the Board Venues Policies are open for public consultation until 26 July 2019. This is your chance to let the Council know your views, so please take the time to have your say.

A copy of the consultation documents and submission form can be found on the Council’s website by clicking here, any LibraryPlus Centre or the Council Administration Building on Albion Street in Hawera. If you have any queries contact the Policy Advisor on 0800 111 323.